I Hate Murphy!

There's no such thing as doing it the easy way, here at the ol' Redneck Garage, and getting our first episode up and online has proven that to me in ways nothing else ever could! See, I had to do the editing myself on this one, ebcause MIke, our new professional video guy, doesn't start until next week!

I'm a redneck who builds cars, not a video editor. If this first couple of shows isn't all that great, please remember that! All of a sudden, I realize why I agreed to pay Mike to do this job, and it;s not just to save me time; believe me,I don't want to do this any longer than I have to!

But, you'll have to put up with me for a couple of shows, because we're doing another one this Saturday, and I promise you it won't be late! In fact, this one would have been on time, but it's taking absolutely forever to upload! As soon as it does, though, I'll have it on the site! That way, Mama Kathy won't be too mad at me when she gets home!

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