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Your small subscription fee helps us help the most grievously wounded veterans,through our support of the Nine Line Foundation. Read on to learn more!


The Redneck Garage TV Show is here to bring you fun, entertainment and lots of fantastic car builds and adventures, but there's a lot more to us than just laughs. You see, while we love to build these cars, there’s something else that’s even more important to us, and that is honoring the men and women who give so much by putting their lives on the line to defend our country and the freedoms that we Americans are able to enjoy.

For this reason, we decided to use this web-based show to try to give back to some of them, and we’ve come into contact with a wonderful Veterans’ Service Organization called the Nine Line Foundation. This wonderful organization raises money to build and provide properly equipped homes to veterans who have suffered traumatic injuries or lost limbs, and we have chosen to support them in this work.

In November, we will begin building a customized 1968 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck that will be donated to the Foundation. This truck, which will bear the logo of the Nine Line Foundation, will be raffled off to one of their many supporters, and every penny of the money that is raised will go into paying for the next house they build for a wounded veteran.

But that will only be the first custom vehicle we build for them. We have made a commitment, both as a business and as a family, to produce another such vehicle every two or three months. That means up to six custom antique cars or trucks each year that will be built to our exacting specifications and donated as a means of raising the money necessary to build these homes. One of these homes can cost as much as four hundred thousand dollars or more, and we are proud to know that Redneck Garage custom vehicles will help to provide the money necessary.

That's why we ask people to subscribe to our show, because your small monthly subscription fee will help us build some fantastic machines. By supporting our program, you're also supporting this organization and the Veterans who have given so much to America, and there are few causes more worthy. We ask only $10 a month, less than the cost of a single day’s lunch or a fancy latte in most places, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the wonderful work that the Nine Line Foundation is doing.

What else do you get as a Subscriber? Well, aside from knowing you're helping us help the Veterans who have given so much, you'll get a big kick out of watching our antics, and we're going to love bringing you the show, but there's more!

Special Auctions

Besides the vehicles we build for the Foundation we'll be building some of our own as well, and offering at auction right here on our website. We'll also be offering some other things, from parts and accessories and merchandise to complete, rebuildable cars on our auctions, and they'll only be available to subscribers. Don't miss out on the chance to grab something you've always dreamed of!

Keep In Touch

Subscribers can log in to our site and message us, and we'll be glad to answer whenever we can. All we ask is that you bear with us, because we stay pretty busy around here most of the time, but we'll post replies as often as we possibly can!


Want to see all our bloopers and silliness? Those clips are only available to Subscribers. (Check out "The RGTV Strippers" for an example!)

The Archives

Each episode will be up for a week, and then it gets moved to the archives. We'll offer them to the public on DVD, of course, but Subscribers can get to them on the website and watch them over and over at no extra charge!


Every now and then, we like to get together with some friends and put on another kind of show. If you like music, comedy or plain old surprises, you might find something down your alley.

Discounts on Merchandise

We'll shortly have all kinds of RGTV Goodies for sale here on our site, and you can save 15% on all of it by becoming a Subscriber.

Meet and Greets

We’ll be attending many Nine Line Foundation events, and will keep you all posted about when and where you can have the chance to come and meet us. We would love to shake your hands and pose for photographs with you.

Awesome Deals

We run across an awful lot of fantastic antique vehicles, but we just can’t build them all. If there is one you’ve been looking for, chances are we’re going to stumble across it sooner or later. Who knows? It just might be in your budget when we do.

In Short...

We hope you'll decide to Subscribe and help us make this not only the most enjoyable show we possibly can, but also help us support the incredible and necessary work that the Nine Line Foundation is doing.

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